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Structured Wiring and Cable Solutions

There is no reason to hire another company to wire your site and put jacks on the walls - BTS does that too. As a part of installing telecommunications solutions for more than 38 years, BTS has become an expert in efficienty designing and installing wiring solutions that run those systems. 


We're proud of our wiring team, and proud that they are full time employees of BTS.  To that end, BTS does not work with wiring subcontractors, and will only send licensed and certified technicians to your site. 


Whether the job involves voice, video or data traffic, that travels by fiber optics, coaxial, CAT 3/5/6, or microwave, our technicians are experienced with the products and delivery mediums to keep you connected.


Our workmanship is guaranteed and our rates are very competitive. We pride ourselves on our clean and clearly labeled installations that can be certified with reports if desired. 

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