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Toshiba CIX


Toshiba Strata CIX systems provide excellent converged solutions for organizations who want a mix of IP, digital, and analog endpoint devices connected to their system along with IP telephony and unified communications applications.


The Strata CIX family includes the CIX1200, CIX670, CIX200, CIX100, and CIX40 systems that provide sophisticated business communication features for businesses of all sizes. These systems deliver on the promise of IP telephony by providing all the features and benefits of our traditional business communications systems on a converged IP platform. With the Strata CIX, you have a choice of mixing and matching technologies, creating a pure IP system or a converged solution, and changing based on the needs of your company.

Toshiba has a variety of voice mail options that includes both standard voice mail solutions and Unified Communication platforms.  Toshiba Unified Communications platform includes voice mail/email/fax integration, Find Me Follow Me, and a onscreen CTI applications.


The 5000 series telephones are support by the entire CIX platform and there are multiple units to choose from in both Digital and VoIP versions.  The 5000 series phones have interactive displays and depending on the unit, 2 to 20 programmable buttons

Toshiba IPedge


Toshiba IPEdge systems are software-centric Unified Communications platforms designed for organizations who want to deploy on an all IP network infrastructure to realize the savings of managing a single network.

The IPEdge is available in 3 versions (EC, EP, and EM) and will support up to 1000 users per server.  The single server technology allows for a cost effective deployment of IP Phones, Unified Communications, Audio Conferencing with Web Collaboration, and a host of other powerful applications.  The IPEdge utilizes the same 5000 series IP phones that are available for the Strata CIX product line, and the two product lines can be networked together for a multi-location solution.

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